Lou Rocco

Owner/Personal Trainer/Ironman Certified Coach

NBF is owned an operated by Lou Rocco, an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer. Lou knows what it feels like to be overweight and out of shape, he turned to fitness and achieved a personal goal of dropping 70 pounds, going from 240 pounds to 170. His weight loss journey created a passion for fitness and since dropping the weight has dedicated his life to helping other reach their fitness and health goals. Since becoming a personal trainer, he has helped many of his clients lose up to 80 pounds, run their first of many marathons, compete in triathlons, decrease health risks and become happier and healthier. Lou believes that you should always keep moving forward and no only helps his clients reach their fitness goals but he also reaches his goals. He is a 5x Ironman, 3x Half Ironman, Ultra Endurance Athlete has competed in many triathlons, trial runs and multiple half and full marathons.



Personal Trainer

Since childhood, J.R. has had a passion for fitness and becoming a personal trainer is a life-long dream come true. He has a wealth of experience in many fitness related activities such as practicing as well as teaching various martial arts, coaching Jr. High and High School wrestling, and competing in various ultra- marathons. Because of his diverse background he is a capable of motivating you to push past what you once believed to be your physical limits. J.R. is an AFAA certified personal trainer and an accomplished ultra-marathon runner, who will put in the time and effort to help you achieve the smallest to the largest fitness goals that you have set for yourself.


Shelby Shaffer

Personal Trainer

Shelby is not only a certified personal trainer at NBF, but she is also a full-time nurse. She is very familiar with how important range of motion is in the body and strives to ensure that her clients stay healthy and continue to move to the best of their abilities. Shelby specializes in the geriatric and special needs communities, but will help anybody at any age to attain their fitness goals. Within the first year of being with NBF, Shelby competed in the Pittsburgh half marathon, and the Rachel Carson trail challenge (a 35.9 mile hike). Shelby is also a certified spin instructor and enjoys putting a fun new “spin” into fitness. “I know what it is like to walk into a chain gym and feel completely out of place, and I don’t want anybody to ever feel that way here. There is no judgement at NBF. Everybody starts somewhere, and we are all a family reaching one goal, to be healthy.” Let’s start here for a happier and healthier you!